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Managing Home Visitors

for PAT Program Supervisors and Directors

Are you new to managing staff and want to feel more confident in your abilities? Want a better system to manage program benchmarks and your staff's progress? 

In this 90-minute LIVE virtual workshop, we'll teach you people management basics and help you create a simple and effective performance management plan so you can feel confident about your staff's progress toward every benchmark all year long.

You'll leave this workshop:

✔ Knowing the fundamentals of managing staff

✔ Ready to use performance metrics to support and motivate home visitors 

✔ With a comprehensive home visitor management system to implement right away

You'll also receive templates, meeting scripts, and a customizable data-tracking spreadsheet to track each home visitor's progress toward program benchmarks.

Wide horizontal image multicultural cheerful businesspeople sitting together at meeting gi
Wide horizontal image multicultural cheerful businesspeople sitting together at meeting gi

Wednesday, June 7th
1-2:30 PM CST


Presented by:

Sheena Sullivan, Short Years Executive Director

The Facilitator

Sheena Sullivan

Sheena is executive director at the Short Years Partnership and a candidate for a Ph.D. in organizational development and leadership.


Her offerings are based on 15+ years of experience leading organizations, coaching leaders, and translating the latest empirical research into actionable techniques to serve staff and clients. ​

If you want to be stronger at the side of your job that involves managing people, this workshop is for you. 

This training will help you put a system in place that sets crystal clear expectations for your home visiting team so they:


-> Know what's expected of them and how they're progressing at all times,


-> Expect—and even welcome—your feedback,


-> And feel confident in your abilities to lead them toward fulfilling your program goals.

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